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We are happy to announce the birth of our “New Baby”- the place for Hebrew teachers- “The Think Zone”!

The Think Zone offers a series of simple, easy to read stories/booklets with accompanying workbooks and games for individual practice.

These materials offer children a fun way to learn how to read and understand Hebrew.

Hopefully an enjoyable learning experience in the classroom will lead to a positive connection with the language and with their Jewish heritage.

First days of school - activities

What back-to-school lessons or getting-to-know-you activities do you do with your class on the first few days of school? Let’s share some great ideas for the first week of school.  There’s nothing like first good impression…..and YES we-the Hebrew teachers- need it.

Poster - All about me

The students will write in Hebrew all about themselves: likes and dislikes -foods, movies, books and so, about their family, what they like to do during their free time, hobbies and so
This way we get to know the students and their level in Hebrew.

The dice /box Game

I make a big dice and write activities or questions in Hebrew on it with black marker.
Activities: sing part of a song or a full song in Hebrew, say your favorite color, say what you like to wear the most, what is you hobby, what is your nick name, tell about something nice/ interesting you did during summer vacation, what’s your favorite food, what will you take to a deserted island…..and so on

One student starts with the dice/ box and after finishing tosses it to another student while calling out their name. This really gets the kids excited about playing with one another and they get to practice some Hebrew!

It makes a nice break in all of the rules and telling/teaching expectations for the first day!


...מאכל שאני אוהב



...אני אוהב ללבוש

מה עשיתי בחופשת הקיץ

...התחביב שלי

הספר שאני ...הכי אוהב


...הצבע האהוב עליי



Class Mosaic
I give each student a square piece of white cardboard and I ask them to write, draw, or put anything that represents them as individuals- All in Hebrew. They decorate the piece of cardboard as they wish. Some of them may find that their piece has a restricted area, a colored part. They should not write in that colored part. When they finish, they have to put the mosaic together as if it was a puzzle in order to see what that colored part in each square forms. When the mosaic is put together the things I wrote in Hebrew can be read- שלום, כתה ו', שנה טובה. I tell them that the class works as a whole and if one part of the mosaic is missing, falls or is torn, the class is not complete. We are all part of that class and we all build it up.

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