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Teaching Hebrew in the Diaspora:

Preserving the ancient and modern language that connects a Jewish person with his/her heritage and the values/traditions of the entire Jewish People.

Fun teaching materials
Instructors need teaching materials that are substantive AND  fun.  Activities which students perceive as fun will make Hebrew easy to learn and increase student participation and excitement.  The Think Zone offers a series of simple, easy to read stories/booklets with accompanying workbooks for individual practice.  These booklets offer children a fun way to learn how to read and understand Hebrew.  Hopefully an enjoyable learning experience in the classroom will lead to a positive connection with the language and with their Jewish heritage. Once the children can read independently, the booklets will enhance their reading comprehension. The Think Zone uses a systematic approach in which each booklet level builds on the level that preceded it.

The study of Hebrew should be fun!   At  The Think Zone we want to encourage children to read Hebrew, enjoy learning the language and eventually reach their full potential as Hebrew speakers.  The study of Hebrew is not an end unto itself but, rather, a means to an important and wonderful end - a deeper connection of the students  to the values and traditions of the Jewish people.


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